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What Is Anxiety Disorder?

NEW RESEARCH shows us its link with anxiety & panic attacks

Our tireless research has pointed to The Amygdala as the "nerve center" for the anxious response which causes anxiety disorders including panic attacks and phobias.

Through targeted research and over 10,000 anxiety attacks and panic attacks sufferers, we have identified this small organ as the cause of all anxiety conditions. Its role in forming and perpetuating these disorders by allowing the 'benchmark' level of anxiety to become re-set at a higher level is now very clear indeed. This re-set ultimately results in increased anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias if left untreated.

amygdala location

Only by targeting the Amygdala with a conscious anxiety and panic attacks reduction and elimination program, can anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, OCD and PTSD be eliminated completely.

The habitual component of the anxiety is clearly the cause of anxiety disorders. Only by addressing this mechanism directly can the anxious 'habit' be rendered obsolete allowing the patient to become released from their constant anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.

Tests on rats (which we condemn by the way!) by the National Institute of Mental Health in the US (NIMH) have shown that reprogramming of the fear response in the Amygdala has proved to eliminate anxiety and panic attacks. Their research is accurate, however, their attempts to develop a 'magic pill' are misguided. They are testing a method using electronic manipulation of the brain to retrain the Amygdala... this simply isn't necessary.

Over 10,000 of our test subjects have shown that this process is possible without medicinal or electronic intervention.

"The Linden Method has been reverse engineered over a decade of treating tens of thousands of clients including myself. The program content provides a structured program which supports the sufferer whilst reversing the formation of the subconscious anxious 'habit' which has formed. We believe that our clients receive what it is they require to become anxiety free again."

Charles Linden, The Linden Centers

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