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Anxiety Symptoms

The physiology of the human body is complex but the symptoms caused by an anxiety disorder, although uncomfortable, are completely harmless and entirely treatable.

Anxiety symptoms are far reaching, in fact, from experience, we can say that there is not one system of the human body that can't be affected by inappropriate anxiety.

Symptoms can range from muscle pain, trembling and weakness, to heart symptoms, balance disturbances, strange and disturbed thoughts, panic attacks, depression type symptoms, lethargy, insomnia... in fact, everything you can possibly think of!


All these anxiety symptoms are nothing more than anxious nerve-induced sensations, nothing more. THEY ARE NOT the sign of serious illness. Anxiety symptoms are different in every sufferer, they mean nothing but can be very disturbing indeed IF MISUNDERSTOOD.

Anxiety symptoms can be eliminated by removing the anxiety disorder itself... when this is achieved, the anxiety symptoms simply slip away.

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