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Derealisation and Depersonalisation

Depersonalisation and derealisation are both symptoms of an underlying anxiety disorder. Without an underlying anxiety disorder, these two symptoms can not be experienced.

They are caused by a shift in the intensity and regularity of anxious reactions caused by an inappropriate anxiety reaction. Sufferers generally experience either anxiety disorder or panic disorder. The symptoms of derealisation and depersonalisation occur due to changes in the levels of chemicals in the blood which alter the perceptions of reality in such a way as to adjust the sufferers perception of themselves and the world around them.

In anxiety disorders, depersonalisation and derealisation are symptoms of the underlying anxiety disorder which means that they disappear when the anxiety disorder is eliminated.

Derealisation and Depersonalisation are very disturbing symptoms of anxiety, they cause the sufferer to feel frightened and confused, however, both are harmless and transient.

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