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The Linden Method, as described by its founder, Charles Linden:

"The Linden Method is a structured, reassuring, informative and supportive anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and OCD self help methodology which was initially developed in order to address my own anxiety disorder. A targeted combination of educational material, reassurance, support, guidance and structure create a positive environment of recovery. The Linden Method pack provides a simple to use framework whilst the support program provides the seamless guidance, support and reassurance required by sufferers if, or when, it is required in order to experience permanent change.

The Linden Method pack includes, Charles Linden's story, The anatomy of anxiety, The Nine Pillars, dietary, breathing and exercise advice and much more advice information and practical tips for overcoming anxiety. Included in The Linden Method are a number of CDs containing a variety of audio files including, talks by Charles Linden, relaxation exercises and visualizations. Charles Linden's 'Conquer Anxiety and Panic Attacks' DVD is also included. The Linden Method provides support with trained counselors and psychologists to all clients.

Complying clients report massive improvements in their anxiety levels within a short period of time, some within just a few days. Most complying clients report complete anxiety elimination having followed our structured program and utilized the support program as recommended. The combination of elements which make up The Linden Method produces dramatic changes in the perception and impact of inappropriate anxiety on the sufferer; this in turn provides the foundation on which complete and permanent recovery is built and created."

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