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Amazing Race Activity: The Need for Virtual Platform in the Current Scenario

The amazing race is a kind of corporate team building activity that helps to explore the following skills as Time management, Team Work, Collaboration behavior, team bonding, and Proper allocation of resources. This is designed based on the TV show and it is being a physical activity. But the covid pandemic restricted the people in personal interaction and affected the effective communication. Hence the situation demands to develop and use the technology to give similar experiences as like pre-pandemic situation. Virtual platforms such as MS Team, Zoom, Google Meet,etc help to communicate with each other. But the physical activity needs to transform to a virtual platform since the situation demands it.  A lot of companies came forward and serve the purpose. The amazing race corporate team building activity is also available virtually to connect and collaborate the team members with various fun games.

In this,the physical presence of team members is not necessary and they will get an opportunity to travel around the world virtually simply by sitting in their home. The virtual task is also like a physical task where the team member should cross the checkpoints and reach the destination while they traveling. To access the virtual amazing race corporate team building no need to install any kind of special software and can easily access through the browser itself. The activity session generally lasts from 60 min to 2 hrs depends on the nature.   The primary thing is the team members should visit the virtual page and enter the place to perform the task. Image recognition technology is used in this virtual amazing race activity.  This virtual activity makes the team members participate from various locations and help them to perform efficiently by revealing their skills.