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Females of Faith – Domestic Helpers

“I hope to God and the worries on my heart are raised.” I am seeing with some workers from the Philippines that have gathered in addition to hundreds of their countrywomen in Hong Kong’s Statue Square. There are groups enjoying each various other’s company all over you look. Some are consuming, going to, playing cards, styling one another’s hair and trading romance novels. Others are hoping, reviewing their Bibles and vocal singing hymns. There are an approximated 120,000 women employees from the Philippines living in Hong Kong. A lot of are employed as housemaids for the city’s affluent families. These ‘helpers’ the usual term for residential workers in Hong Kong are expected to function twenty four hours a day, 6 days a week, but government regulations determine they have to be provided twelve consecutive hours of spare time each Sunday. Given that the women cannot manage to head to motion pictures or consume in restaurants on their time off, they gather in Hong Kong’s train terminals and parks or outside public structures.

One Sunday early morning I went down to the heart of Hong Kong’s enterprise zone to spend some time talking with the Filipino females in a central plaza there. One team conveniently consented to allow me take their image and when I told them I was creating a tale for a publication they more than happy to address some concerns. The ten ladies I talked with all originated from the exact same backwoods in the Philippines. They work in residences in various sections of Hong Kong however on Sundays they satisfy at St. Joseph’s Cathedral found in the Central district. After mass, which St. Joseph’s commemorates in Tagalong, the language of the Philippines, they collect on the veranda of the close to by Hong Kong court constructing. They spread out newspapers on its concrete flooring to sit down on, and then invest the afternoon consuming and checking out. They tell me they are passionate Catholics and also their confidence in God is what helps them make it through the separation from their families in the Philippines and the in some cases harsh and also indifferent therapy of their employers. “I hope to God and also the concerns on my heart are lifted” one lady tells me passionately, as she lifts her hands and eyes heavenward. click here to read

As we visit I find a few of the females in the team have been here for as little as 4 months while others have lived in Hong Kong for as long as twelve years. Many have kids in the overseas domestic helper. They are registered nurses, teachers, physiotherapists, pharmacologists, computer system designers and business females. They talk several languages. They can make three times even more cash in Hong Kong than they can exercise their professions in the Philippines. They inform me they require money to pay for their children’s education. “To provide our youngsters expect the future”, one female claims. They all send a considerable section of their salary house to their family members.