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Know how the marriage of Lisa Gwee and Ganesh Ramalingam is memorable for them?

The marriage of Lisa Gwee and Ganesh Ramalingam has become memorable because it is because she first wore dresses in her marriage and came in front of people that she openly demonstrated her love, which was the beginning of her newly married life.When you openly display your love, it is a memorable moment for you, Lisa Gwee, and Dr Ganesh Ramalingam to organize their party in the best way, and people got a different look of a marriage.

Dr Ganesh Ramalingam

The couple had their first meeting at a party organized by the doctors, who are the directors of the surgical clinics that became their center of attraction; even today, they know how they met. Both of them have made their own identity in the medical field by their work, and they have a very good experience.The marriage party used very attractive tools and good decorations. On the other hand, Invitation stamps and designs were used to make the card to be improved. The information was given on the card and the position of the location where the party was to be held.

A grand dinner was held in Singapore after the wedding. This dinner was organized after two days in which 500 guests were invited. This dinner party was also attended by the Minister of State for Health and some professors from India who also congratulated the couple. A very luxurious dinner reception party was organized to make Dr Ganesh Ramalingam and Lisa Gwee’s party memorable. Almost all the guests had dinner and enjoyed the taste of food.