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Know More about the Sources of Supply for Your Gardener

Three out of every four container plants are purchased from a garden center. You may wander look at trees the perennials and shrubs, understanding that at any time of the year you plant it in your garden and may grab a specimen. Selecting a plant is easy but getting it may be hard – never bend or bend the stems to get it. Bear in mind that a plant could get roasted at the boot if left beside an open window in a car or end burnt. There are rules to follow to be able to guarantee shopping. Before shortages Attempt to go at the beginning of the planting season and try to go midweek to avoid the weekend crowds. Do not buy on impulse if you do not really know your plants – purchase the specimens and it is far better to have a list which you can find. Take note of its name if you find an attractive plant that is not in your list and assess its suitability online when you get home or in a text book. If it is suitable, buy it.


You can see what you are currently buying. Whenever possible make your choice when a container-grown plant is at its highest display stage flowering shrubs in bloom and berrying shrubs in fruit. Container-grown stock can be planted away. You may pick something different if your first choice is not available. Except trees it is for possible to take your plants home no delays. Advice is on hand. When you get home, do check the hints in a specialist book.

Willington Garden Centre


The varieties on offer are the ones that are more popular you cannot expect a garden center to inventory a number. Garden centers are usually some distance from the centre of the town meaning if you do not have a vehicle your regional one might be inaccessible. Numbers of each Variety may be restricted so you might need to order from a mail order nursery that was huge if you are planning a hedge or a planting.

If something goes wrong

If one or more of the plants fail and you are confident it is not your fault, explain what is occurred and take it back. You will require proof of buy when buying plants, keep your receipt. If theĀ Willington Garden Centre is part of the Garden Centre Association you may see IGC emblem on screen then it guarantees to replace any container-grown plant that has failed within six months of purchase if reasonable care was taken. Bedding plants and House plants in addition to bulbs are purchased from market stalls. Economical and convenient but do take care. Feel the bulbs to be certain that they do bedding there are any signs and are firm that the plant is not healthy.