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Sophie The Giraffe Teether – A Great Teether For Your Kids

Teething aids will make it easier for your child’s teeth to emerge. A teether can help your child get through these exciting moments without any pain. In fact, it is the best thing you can do to help your children. Teethingers have two main problems. The first is that children will not be able to chew them and the second is safety. Vulli, a top baby-toy manufacturer, is well aware of these issues and creates beautiful teethers in the form domestic pets such as giraffes or bears. Their most popular product is Sophie the Giraffe. This rubber giraffe with a smooth surface and soft materials allows your children to chew on it without feeling any pain. It will reduce their toothaches and help them get better quickly.

Giraffe Teether

Numerous baby product reviews on the internet show that buy sophie giraffe is loved by children. Its height seven inches is what makes it stand out from other teethers. The giraffe’s long legs and whole body are a favorite of children. Children love to chew on the head, ears, horns, legs and head. Children will enjoy the unique sensation of having their head and stomach squeak when they chew on them. This provides unique excitement for them while stimulating their oral sensory. Visual stimulation is provided by the shadowy areas of the body. Infants will easily be able to relate to the gentle texture and natural rubber scent of the teether. It is made from 100% organic materials. The sap from the hevea tree is used to make the rubber body of the Sophie Giraffe.

The Sophie the Giraffe Teeth is more than just a great toy for your baby to chew on. The contrasting spots stimulate the visual senses of your baby and make it easy for them to identify among other toys and teethers. Your baby will find Sophie’s squeaker amusing and will learn the important lesson of cause-and-effect. Sophie the Giraffe Teether can also be used to chew on any of her parts. Sophie the Giraffe’s colors are made from food-grade fresh paint, which is safe for children. It is Phthalate- and BPA-free, which provides comfort for parents who are looking for non-toxic products for their children. Sophie the Giraffe is a great option to help your children get over the difficult task of getting their first teeth. Sophie the Giraffe is a great teether because of its adorable design and safety.